Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art /// Painting
Konserwacja i Restauracja Dzieł Sztuki /// Malarstwo




- conservation and restoration painting
and polichromed sculptures
- conservation and restoration modern
and contemporary art
- preventive conservation
- interviews with artists according to international schemes, such as the ‘Concept Scenario for Artists' Interviews’ (ICN and SBMK), ‘Artists Documentation Program’ (ADP), ‘North America Artist Interview Project’ (INCCA) and ‘Tate Interviews with Artists’ (INCCA)
- specialized expertise for works of art
- specialized conditional reports for works of art


Own creativity.
Artworks can be viewed in the gallery
on the website


Making copies of artworks of modern
and contemporary art


More about my professional biography can be found in my portfolio


Anna Kowalik has been working for:
- the „Zachęta” National Gallery of Art in Warsaw since 2016 as the specialist for prophylaxis of conservation of works of art she is responsible for preservation and conservation of the collection of the gallery.
- the Interdepartmental Division "Novum" for Care and Conservation of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw since 2016. Anna Kowalik is the teaching assistant of Prof. Iwona Szmelter, Ph.D.
- the „ICAR – International Journal of Young Conservators and Restorers of Works of Art” since 2016 as the founder and the Editor-in-Chief.

Her current research interests focus primarily on the conservation issues of interdisciplinary modern and contemporary art and the occurrence of nature in the works of contemporary artists. Uniqueness, wealth of information and interpretation and the social impact of contemporary art prompted her to take up the topic of the workshop of contemporary artists using in their artworks materials of plants and animals origin. The extraordinary complexity of the issue works of art made by nature, which is a kind of ephemeral art, did not to this day deeply investigated. The common denominator in the works of nature in spite of the intention of the artist is ephemeral or immortality, are issues related to their documentation, correctness of the interpretation, meaning the material problems of exhibition, the artist's intention and the formulation of new criteria for their protection. Becomes important, therefore, the presence of the artist, which implies a correct diagnosis operate, which is the basis of proper care, conservation-restoration or documentation. The great variety of forms and materials used by contemporary artists is a real challenge for the conservators of art whose purpose is to prolong persistence and protection against destruction the objects of art.

Personal Info

  •   +48 512 042 169
  •   Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 37
    00-762 Warsaw, Poland


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